Just a short post to say that I won’t be keeping up with the monthly posts on new releases directed by women. It may not seem like much, but it is getting too much for me to keep up with. (It also doesn’t help that releases are pushed back or deleted and I don’t feel the posts I put up are reliable sources of information, anymore). I will be trying to keep this list on letterboxd up to date, though.

As for other content on the blog: at present, I will only be posting on letterboxd. Perhaps, one day I will revive the blog. But I’m not sure if or when that will happen.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who has read! I hope I will be back, one day.


5 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. holy guacamole, ABG… you should be getting paid indelible praise and mucho cashola for all of your writing talents/dramatic skills! I’d be happy to pay a fee to continue experiencing your views on these and your other film related overviews! you’re brilliantly talented and never less than grandly humorous and intelligent in your views and visions indelibly combined. thank God (whom I willing to believe in just for this possibility), that you are yet maintaining this brilliance of the cinematic world anyway: https://letterboxd.com/andibgoode/

    Nothing but THANKS for all you have shared since April of 2012 and will continue to provide to people who appreciate your talented/skilled summaries/opinions/views of so much in this field!!! you should be hired immediately!

    p.s., I’m writing this mainly due to fears that you might withdraw from other popular writing that you provide the people who share your interest in these issues and largely increase it due to reading your opinions and understandings!

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