Rainy Day Movies

We’ve had some lovely, rainy days lately (as well as some very loud, keep-me-awake-at-night rain which is less lovely) so I thought I’d do a quick post on some of my favourite films to watch on a rainy day!

Gosford Park directed by Robert Altman, 2001

GosfordPark1130I didn’t like this film the first time I saw it. The mystery is very obvious (those lingering shots on anything that could be poison?) but maybe it’s meant to be. At any rate, it was better on second watch, when I focussed less on ‘whodunnit’ and more on the Upstairs Downstairs type story (which Julian Fellowes has obviously continued in Downton) and all the fabulous clothes. I actually wrote about it on my other blog a while ago.

Why it’s perfect for a rainy day? It’s set in a country mansion in inclement weather! Plus, murder is always good on a gloomy day (onscreen, anyway).

Clue directed by Jonathan Lynn, 1985

Clue_1985_detailOne of my all-time favourites. I’ve been known to start it again from the beginning after it’s finished. I don’t think I could ever watch this film too many times. I’ve written about it before, in my Halloween for Scaredy Cats posts (actually, the films on that list are also perfect for rainy days!) and on my other blog.

Why it’s perfect for a rainy day? Creepy house, stormy weather, and some laughs in case the rain gets you down.

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit directed by Steve Box and Nick Park, 2005

m8SWJOh gosh, I love Wallace and Gromit! And this film is one I return to a lot. It’s so damn charming and a fun homage to monster movies. The bunnies are especially delightful, in this, and I love Lady Tottington’s style.

Why it’s perfect for a rainy day? It’s a monster movie! With bunnies!

Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1960

psycho3I think many of Hitchcock’s films work perfectly on a rainy day, but Psycho has the creepy house/motel that I just seem to love on rainy days.

Why it’s perfect for a rainy day? You’ve got to have some Hitchcock to watch on a rainy day!

A film noir, of course.

The Blue Dahlia directed by George Marshall, 1946

The Blue Dahlia directed by George Marshall, 1946

I tried to pick a particular film noir but, really, I just go with whichever I feel like on a particular day. My go to is usually The Big Sleep or maybe The Blue Dahlia. Or maybe a rewatch of Phantom Lady! I think it’s about time I revisit that one.

Why it’s perfect for a rainy day? Rain just always makes me want to watch film noir!

Sleepy Hollow directed by Tim Burton, 1999

sleepy-hollowI’m not sure I have a favourite Burton film, but this is one of my most-watched of his. It’s beautiful to look at and I love Johnny Depp’s somewhat nervous and squeamish Ichabod Crane. And Christina Ricci is one of my life-long loves.

Why it’s perfect for a rainy day? Creepy, spooky films are just more effective when it’s raining, I think.

8 Femmes directed by François Ozon, 2002

8-femmes-284696lSomething a little more colourful to finish off the post. Another favourite, which I’ve written about before (here and here), that’s perfect to watch with a cup of tea and a snuggly blanket. The cast is magnificent, the set and costumes are a visual treat and I just adore the songs.

Why it’s perfect for a rainy day? I think by now you can see I’m a sucker for mysteries set in country mansions during stormy or similar weather. I actually didn’t realise how many of these included that setting. Ha.

There are plenty of other films I like to watch on rainy, gloomy days (and TV shows, too, including Marple and Poirot, rather obsessively) but these are the first that came to mind. I’ve started a list over on letterboxd to expand on this post.

What are your favourite movies for a rainy day?