A quick apology

It seems I’ve taken an(other) inadvertent break from blogging! I’ve had a few ideas, but just no motivation to do anything about them. I want to take some time to think through some other ideas I’ve been toying with, and brainstorm some new ones, before I come back to blogging. Diving right back in might be the best course of action, but I feel like I need some time to prepare myself.

I have been writing off the cuff reviews over at letterboxd, I (more than) occasionally reblog movie related stuff over at my tumblr and I’m tweeting again, too. So you can find me on various social media, if you wish.

Until I’m back to blogging again, I will say that if anyone gets a chance to see either Carol or The Dressmaker (especially the latter), do! They’re the best films I’ve seen recently. (Read my reviews here and here).

Hopefully, I’ll be back, feeling refreshed, very soon.