My DVD Collection

There are a couple of reasons I did today’s post. Firstly, I’m kind of a nosy person so I always like peeking into people’s collections. Secondly, it’s been a while since I’ve been inspired to write about movies so I thought I would just share photos of my DVD collection, instead…(I was also inspired by a question on This Cinematic Life’s Facebook page about what your DVD collection looks like.) If any of the titles aren’t legible and you somehow desperately need to know what they are, just let me know! I’ve noticed a few of the spines have glare on them.

Movies A-B {Click to enlarge}

Movies B – more B {Click to enlarge}

Movies B-C {Click to enlarge}

Movies C-D {Click to enlarge}

The possibly illegible titles at the end are Dirty Shame, Disco Pigs, Doing Time for Patsy Cline, The Dolly Sisters and Donnie Darko.

Movies D-F {Click to enlarge}

The possibly illegible titles at the end are Forbidden Planet, Foreign Correspondent, Fried Green Tomatoes and From Hell.

Movies F-H {Click to enlarge}

Movies H-I {Click to enlarge}

Movies I-L {Click to enlarge}

The possibly illegible titles at top left include Interview with the Vampire, It Happened to Jane and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Movies L-N {Click to enlarge}

I Love Lucy boxset, movies N-P, Buffy the Vampire Slayer boxset {Click to Enlarge}

Movies P-R + overflow {Click to enlarge}

Movies R-S + overflow {Click to enlarge}

Movies S-Y {Click to enlarge}

Movies I’ve watched but haven’t put away/don’t have room for {Click to enlarge}

The ‘haven’t watched these yet’ shelf {Click to enlarge}

Movies I haven’t watched but don’t have room for on the ‘haven’t watched these yet’ shelf {Click to enlarge}

Boxsets, collections and a couple of documentaries/tv documentaries {Click to enlarge}*

And my Batman DVDS! {Click to enlarge}*

And then there’s my TV on DVD collection but this is a movie blog so…

I’m not usually the biggest fan of all photo posts but, as I said, I’ve not been in the mood for writing and thought I would share this just so the blog doesn’t die. Plus I have this (possibly weird) habit of staring lovingly at my DVD collection so it’s nice to share it? I always wonder if any of the films I own would surprise anyone (let me know if they did – I don’t believe in guilty pleasures so I’m not embarrassed by and of the films I like/own.) And I’ll extend the question posed by This Cinematic Life – what does your collection look like?

*These are the only parts of my movie collection that live in my bedroom. The rest is in the lounge. My TV on DVD collection is also in my bedroom (aside from the I Love Lucy and Buffy boxsets as pictured above.)

Edit: I also have the three Lord of the Rings extended edition boxsets, which aren’t pictured here…because they are currently propping up some books on my bookshelves. (Which is really inconvenient when I want to watch them.)