November 2016 Roundup

November was a slightly better month for me, than October. I managed to watch more movies and even got to the cinema five times, to see: Arrival, Nocturnal Animals, Their Finest, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them and A United Kingdom. I think that’s a record for me. Arrival was hands down my favourite. It went straight to the top of my 2016 list (but has since been surpassed by La La Land). I didn’t think as much of Fantastic Beasts, which is a disappointment for a huge Harry Potter fan, but it did seem to spark two new crushes (on Colin Farrell and Ezra Miller), which is always fun. My other favourite for the month was definitely The Nice Guys. I missed it at the cinema, but went and hired it and it definitely lived up to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (one of my favourites, also directed by Shane Black).

Aside from that, I was very excited to see the trailers for Wonder Woman and T2. I’m going to have to rewatch Trainspotting soon – it’s been too long since I’ve seen it.

Oh, and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is going to be a movie trilogy akin to Indiana Jones! I’m tentatively excited.

November Favourites


My top November watches were all 2016 releases! I mentioned Arrival and The Nice Guys in the summary above, but Their Finest, which I saw at the BBC First British Film Festival and A United Kingdom were both excellent, too. Arrival was just a breath of fresh air, for me. Not exactly what I was expecting, which I loved. The Nice Guys left me in tears (of laughter), Their Finest was also very funny but in a drier way and A United Kingdom was moving and beautiful. Highly recommend all of them.

Directed by Women


I watched three movies directed by women in November: Their Finest, Our Kind of Traitor and A United Kingdom. Their Finest was my favourite, followed closely by A United Kingdom. I found Our Kind of Traitor to be entertaining and nice to look at, but ultimately I suspect it will be forgettable.

What I wrote

Girl Asleep, 2015 review

What I read

ARRIVAL: When is now? at David Bordwell’s website on cinema

Adelaide’s Changing Cinema Landscape at Broadsheet (for the gorgeous photos of the cinemas)

Female Directors Don’t Need ‘Experience’ — They Just Need To Get Hired at Forbes

Ida Lupino, a Woman of Spine on Both Sides of the Lens at The New York Times

Tom Ford, Ben Mankiewicz and a Fashion-Film Vortex at The New York Times


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