October 2016 Roundup

I’ve been toying with the idea of a new format for these posts, but I was going to start using it next year for a nice clean start. It bothered me to have two months at the end of the year with a different format. But I’ve just grown so tired of the old one and there isn’t really any reason I can’t start playing with it, now, so here we go.

October was a really hard month for me, health-wise, and it greatly impacted my movie viewing. I only watched 9 new to me movies in the entire month, which makes October the lowest movie viewing month of the year. My favourites of these were A New Leaf and The Meddler. I’ll talk a bit about those below. I didn’t go to the cinema at all, due to my health, and I sort of fell out of the movie-news loop for a little while, so I don’t have much to say for this summary.


October Favourites

As I mentioned, The Meddler and A New Leaf (pictured above) were my favourite movies for October but Paddington was a delightful surprise, too. I watched Paddington (pictured below) on a particularly bad day and it was the perfect balm for my anxious mood. A New Leaf was funny with Henrietta being quite a relatable character, and The Meddler was different than what I was expecting but all the better for it.


Directed by Women


A New Leaf directed by Elaine May and The Meddler directed by Lorene Scafaria were the only two films directed by women I watched in October. I’m hoping to get through a few more in November, and keep them to about 1/3 of all new-to-me movies I watch in 2016.

What I wrote

Absolutely nothing!

What I read

How ‘The Accountant’ Victimizes The Autistic Community at The Establishment

What Is The Role of Autism in Art? at The Establishment



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