August 2016 Roundup

august roundup

Bits and bobs or things that made me happy:

-The trailer for Arrival looks amazing. Looking forward to this one!

And that’s about all I had bookmarked for this section, in August.

Favourite August watches:


Of the 14 films I watched in August, The Buddy Holly Story (pictured above) and Harold and Maude (pictured below) were easily my favourites – both had been on my radar for some years and I was glad to finally cross them off my watchlist. Check out my letterboxd reviews here for The Buddy Holly Story and here for Harold and Maude.

“Harold, everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves. You just can’t let the world judge you too much.”

harold and maude

At the movies


Got to the cinema twice in August for Suicide Squad (pictured above) and Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (pictured below). I’ve already written about Ab Fab, here, and I had a fun time with Suicide Squad. Neither will make it to my best of 2016 list, though.


Resolutions updates:
Watch more movies made by women.

I saw three films directed by women in August: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, Speed Racer and A Teacher (pictured below).


To be honest, I didn’t much like any of these films but Ab Fab was certainly the best. I’m hoping to get to the cinema to see Girl Asleep and Bridget Jones’s Baby in September, as well as checking out a few ’60s films directed by women.

First time watches: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, Speed Racer and A Teacher

Re-watches: None

Watch more Australian films.

None, again.

Write more!

Wrote up a couple of posts on here. One on my 60 from the 60s challenge to myself and the other on the Ab Fab movie.

I also posted a little bit over on my other blog, Ersatz Girl, for anyone interested in my non-movie writing.

August reading recommendations:

In Defense of Villainesses at

Study shows how women directors get blocked in Hollywood at Fortune




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