60 from the 60s

Although I’ve seen more 60s movies than I have films from most other decades, I recently decided I needed to see more of them. So I made myself a challenge list over on letterboxd for 60 films from the 60s I hadn’t seen. I compiled it by browsing the films page for each year of the 60s and picking the top 6 most popular from each year, from 1960 to 1969, I hadn’t seen. I don’t know that I’ll write about each of them on here but, like my 52 Films by Women challenge, I will attempt to write at least a sentence or two over on letterboxd. I might include my progress in my monthly roundups, too.

I did have some caveats for my challenge. No films longer than 120 minutes (or thereabouts) unless I already had a copy or desperately wanted to see the film. This is because my attention span these days is…well, it’s not great and I knew I’d likely never get around to anything longer. Another was no more than one film per director in a year.

I’ve started lists for other decades, too, but I’ll wait until I get through a fair chunk of this before I start publishing them.


So far, I’ve only watched The Magnificent Seven (pictured above) from the list (and Sebastian, from my own watchlist of movies I have but haven’t yet watched). I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would – I’m still in the process of writing up my review for letterboxd, and I may do a post on it here, if I get around to polishing it up.


The movies I’m looking forward to the most in the challenge are probably: Eyes Without a Face; Cleo from 5 to 7; Doctor Zhivago (pictured above); Belle de Jour and The Odd Couple (pictured below).


I’m thinking of making this September, Sixties September which will mean, aside from new releases or festival screenings, only watching and re-watching sixties films for the month, using the challenge list as a guideline. Does anyone else like setting challenges like this for themselves? Does it make the film viewing experience better, harder or doesn’t affect it for you at all?

Top 10 1960s | 1960s favourites



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