July 2016 Roundup

july banner

Bits and bobs or things that made me happy:

-I‘ve mentioned numerous times that I’m looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie, next year, but the trailer has got me more excited than I ever thought I could be.

-The Justice League footage is really promising, too. The shots of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman are mesmerising and, though we only meet him briefly, I think I’m going to love Ezra Miller as Barry Allen. I loved his mannerisms.

-And, of course, there’s the teaser for T2, the Trainspotting sequel. Trainspotting was one of my favourite movies as a teenager, so I’m really looking foward to the sequel.

-The NFSA raised enough money to restore Proof! I donated and was watching the progress closely and I’m really happy they surpassed their goal.

Favourite July watches:


My favourite film from my July watches (16 new in total) was undoubtedly the new Ghostbusters (pictured above). It was so much fun and I left the cinema feeling so good. There’s a lot of value in a film that can do that. Hot Fuzz (pictured below) runs a close second for July’s favourite. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to watch the Cornetto trilogy. Actually, Hot Fuzz is tied with Good Will Hunting for second (another film I can’t believe it took me so long to watch).


Sapphire, 1959, (pictured below) was a very interesting little film, too, that I highly recommend to anyone interested in crime dramas.


At the movies


I got to the cinema three times during July and saw: Everybody Wants Some (pictured above), Ghostbusters and Sing Street (pictured below).

Ghostbusters was my favourite but I really enjoyed all three films. I’m still struggling with how much (and why) I liked Everybody Wants Some but Ghostbusters and Sing Street were very easy to enjoy.


Resolutions updates:
Watch more movies made by women.


I watched six movies directed by women in July. Not a bad effort but not my best, either. My favourite was probably It’s Complicated (pictured above), because it made me laugh, but none of the films were particularly outstanding for me. My least favourite was the 2009 animated Wonder Woman because I found it hugely disappointing (as I outlined here).


First time watches: The Red Hood; Mythica: A Quest for Heroes (pictured above); Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging; It’s Complicated; Breaking the Girls and Wonder Woman (2009).

Re-watches: none

Watch more Australian films.

I didn’t watch any Australian films in July. Poor show!

Write more!

I’ve been in a fiction writing mode, so writing about movies has been particularly difficult for me (my brain can’t seem to switch between them, properly). I wrote a few off-the-cuff reviews on letterboxd but only got one post up on here.

July reading recommendations:

Is Chris Hemsworth the New Marilyn Monroe? at Yahoo! Movies

Ghostbusters is a Movie About Women Fighting to be Heard at Fashionable Tinfoil accessories

The growing gender divide over “Ghostbusters”: Why movies starring women get slimed by male critics at Salon

The best feminist punk films of the last 50 years at Dazed

Tutus and fake boobs at NFSA

Renee Zellweger, Margot Robbie, and Blake Lively Exposed to Hollywood’s Insidious Male Gaze at The Daily Beast

For The Record (by Jennifer Aniston) at The Huffington Post

Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot on why only a woman could direct her new film at Entertainment Weekly

Rose McGowan Pens Response to Critic of Renee Zellweger’s Face: “Vile, Damaging, Stupid and Cruel” (Guest Post) at THR





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