June 2016 Roundup

june banner

Bits and bobs or things that made me happy:

-Just watching Eva Green doing anything makes me happy.

-The Wicked movie finally has a release date, for 2019. I’ve been waiting for this movie for years so this is exciting news (even if I have to wait a few more). (Warning for autoplay video in the linked article).

-This video compilation of censored scenes from silent movies is very cool.

Favourite June watches:

I only managed to watch 13 new to me movies in June (including one short film) – I spent more time watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and re-watching Haven than I did watching movies. Winter just seems like a time for TV shows, for some reason. Maybe because they’re easier to binge watch and I like spending a lot of time keeping warm on the sofa.


My favourites of the 13 I did watch, though, were The Fall (pictured above), Advantageous and Mustang (pictured below). I wrote about The Fall here and Mustang here, and I’m planning on writing up a post on Advantageous soon, too.


I also really enjoyed Bound, largely because it looks amazing, but also because it’s a pretty great film.

At the movies


I saw two new releases at the cinema in June, Money Monster and Mustang, as well as two at the Essential Independents Festival, River of Grass (pictured above) and Yosemite. I just realised that all of them are directed by women!

Resolutions updates:
Watch more movies made by women.

I watched a total of nine movies directed by women in June, two of which were rewatches. Bound, Mustang and Advantageous (pictured below) were my favourites.

Advantageous 3

As we’re halfway through the year, now, it’s probably a good time to check in on my progress for 52 Films by Women. I’m up to 50, with 39 first time watches and 11 rewatches. I think that’s a pretty good effort! I’ll definitely make the 52 films for the pledge, but I’m keen to see how many I can watch beyond that.

On the topic of women-directed films, I made a list of sci-fi, fantasy and related movies directed by women over at letterboxd. Suggestions are more than welcome.

First time watches: River of Grass, Yosemite, Bound, Money Monster, Hot Pursuit, Mustang, Advantageous

Rewatches: Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Decoy Bride

Watch more Australian films.

I watched a grand total of one entire Australian film in June! Admittedly, it’s better than no Australian films but I think I need to focus on watching and going to see Australian films more in the second half of the year. Anyway, I watched Mystery Road, which was quite nice, but required a lot of attention.


Write more!

Didn’t do so well with this one in June.

The Fall, 2006

Mustang, 2015

June reading recommendations:

The Feminine Grotesque #10: Genre is a Woman and She Has Fangs – On ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’ at Vague Visages

Nothing about us without us – the reality of being a disabled actor at Little White Lies

Small Acts of Resistance: Mustang and the cinematic spaces of the sisterhood at Kill Your Darlings

Data Exposes Gender Fault Lines [INFOGRAPHIC] at Slated



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