Griff the Invisible, 2011

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Griff the Invisible, directed by Leon Ford, centres on the titular Griff, an awkward office worker who plays superhero by night; his goal is to make an invisibility suit. He lives alone and has no friends, but is sometimes visited by brother, Tim, who tells him about his new girlfriend, Melody. Eventually Griff meets Melody, a strange woman, full of random facts, who has a theory that we can pass through solid matter if the spaces between our atoms align properly. The two are obviously kindred spirits and, inevitably, they fall in love. While it follows rom-com conventions, it is quite unique and it’s definitely not a standard superhero flick. It is, to use an overused word, ‘quirky’ but it’s not entirely light or fluffy as that may suggest.

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I related to this film in a lot of ways. I don’t experience life exactly how Griff does (or Melody) but I’ve never really fit in anywhere. Even in those places us outcasts are meant to band together and find our niche, I don’t really fit in (though I’m lucky to have found a few friends I feel at ease with). Finding characters I can truly relate to in movies is like finding my place in the world for a little while.

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“I live in a bubble that no one – no one – gets into. I feel like an alien. I live in a completely different world to the one everyone else is in. I can’t communicate with anyone. I can talk to them but I cannot communicate.”

This is a really sweet film but it doesn’t entirely shy away from the ugliness of being neuroatypical/neurodivergent (as Griff and Melody undoubtedly are) – from the blatant cruelties of bullies like Tony to the more subtle ones of Griff’s brother who is desperate for Griff to be ‘normal’. (When he told Griff ‘I know you’re normal underneath’ my heart broke a little).

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It is its sweetness, though, that made this an instant favourite for me. It’s nice to see a love story where both parties are ‘freaks’ (in Melody’s own words) and they can find solace and acceptance in each other.

I liked the design of the film, too – there’s a lot of yellow and there are a lot of ‘retro’ looking elements that I enjoyed.

It’s definitely a little strange but it’s about two people who embrace their weirdness, so I don’t think it should be anything else.

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