Movie resolutions


So, I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions for a variety of reasons (namely, that they just don’t work longterm). But I felt like it was a good time to start making some changes to my viewing habits (that I’ve already slowly been making – so maybe ‘continue to change’ is a better way to phrase it). So, here are some of my ‘movie resolutions’ for 2016 and beyond.

Watch more movies made by women.

I signed the pledge here to watch at least 52 films directed by women during the year. I’ve started a list on letterboxd to make sure I stay on track, but I also have a list of all the films I’ve watched so far directed by women. My goal is also to see every film directed by a woman released at cinemas this year.

Watch more Australian films.

I especially want to make an effort to see any Australian films released at the cinema, because that’s probably the best way to support them. (Unless it’s a horror film, in which case I’ll take the guilt over nightmares).

Catch up on certain directors’ work.

Off the top of my head I’m thinking Xavier Dolan and Pedro Almodóvar, but I’m sure there are others (including many women, as per my first goal)! As I said, these are ongoing changes I want to make, so I may not get through everything in the one year.

Write (and read) more!

And, lastly, just to write more and not get so hung up on it being ‘perfect’. I’m getting better at that because of letterboxd, but I want to put more reviews, etc., on here, too. As it’s a personal blog, it doesn’t always have to be the Best Thing I’ve ever written. Not that I’m not going to put effort in, but I don’t want to angst over a piece for months before I post it.

I also want to read more of what others are writing. Blogs, books, articles, whatever. Part of getting better at writing about movies is just going to be…well, writing about movies. But reading what others have to say is important, too.

I get very overwhelmed thinking I have to do everything at once (watch ALL the movies directed by women, read ALL the blogs and articles right now, etc.) but if I think about it in terms of building up to where I want to be (with baby steps), I think it’s going to be a lot easier.


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