Reviving the blog

Gumnaam 010

Helen in Gumnaam, 1965

When I first started this blog, I stated in my introduction post that I’d hoped my goals for it would become clearer with time. But as my posting here has been so sporadic, clarity hasn’t exactly arrived. My current aim is just to post here more regularly – for now I think that will look like three posts a week with a ‘feature’ post on Thursdays, alternating between Top 5 lists and double features. And I am going to start asking people for guest posts as I will be doing an MA (of art history) this year and, whilst I certainly don’t want this blog to fall to the wayside as it already has done in some ways, it will take some of the pressure off of me.

Other than that I’m reevaluating what I want to post here and, for the time being, I think I will stick to posting about movies I like/love. One of my unwritten rules of the internet is to focus on things I enjoy (unless I have something constructive to say about the things I hate or dislike) and I broke it with my last post (since removed). Yet, I’m still somewhat on the fence – is it disingenuous to only write about the movies I love? Don’t the movies I hate shape my cinema experience just as much? At the end of the day, I’m not sure I have the answers yet. But I am just a casual blogger (who is by no means an authority of cinema – I think I partly wanted this to reflect my journey toward learning more about the medium I love so much) who loves movies…who is probably overthinking the entire thing! I’d also like to say that I hope I encourage lively discussion here* because that’s kind of the point of blogging, right?

And, for a bit of a catch up, here is what me and movies looks like lately:

-I’ve started a completely useless series of lists compiling all of the films I’ve seen by decade.** 2010s and 2000s are done. 1990s is started.

-Similarly, I have started a list of all the Australian films I’ve watched in the hopes of shaming myself into watching more!

-I re-watched Imagine Me & You, last night, and remembered how sometimes a silly sweet film can be incredibly good for your soul.

-I’ve been keeping my Tumblr page of films watched this year pretty well up to date.

-I wrote about Gumnaam on my ‘Murder Mystery Monday’ series over at my other blog.

-I wrote a couple of guest posts for my friends over at This Cinematic Life. And a review of The Hairy Bird for a local online zine.

-I’ve got three pinterest boards that are related to cinema and I forgot I started a screencap Tumblr…(too many pies, not enough fingers, perhaps?)

P.S. If you’re having trouble commenting it’s because I tried to fiddle with the settings and may have messed things up!

*so long as there is no hate speech, personal insults, etc. – comments will be approved or not at my own discretion as I want everyone to be comfortable to engage in discussion here!

**Starting from 2006, when I started writing down each new movie I would watch.


6 thoughts on “Reviving the blog

  1. How lovely to see you pop up in my Reader. I don’t care if you write sporatically, it makes me feel better for being inconsistent!!

    So you are doing the Masters – great. I loved Art History in Seventh Form – would have loved to have gone further with it. Was nice to have a bit of it as part of the Fashion Design Course I did.

    I am only interested in movies other people have enjoyed and would recommend – I wouldn’t waste your energy on stuff you don’t like – life’s too short. Looking forward to your next installment – whenever that is!

    • Thank-you 😀

      Yes! And thanks again 😀 Art history is wonderful.

      My main problem was that I feel our society focuses too much on positives, sometimes, that we forget negative experiences shape us just as much and it’s OK to talk about that. And I think it’s important for there to be criticism (positive and negative) in all forms of art but I suppose I don’t have to be the one to be doling it out. My positive ‘reviews’ are generally just me gushing, anyway, so they’re hardly constructive 😉
      Perhaps the better way to do it would be to do a round-up of films for a certain period and then I can mention the disappointments and the ones I loved so there is a bit of both, there?
      I was mainly just put off because the first time I was brave enough to voice my disappointment with a film I was met with personal insult. It’s actually very rare that I dislike a film enough to want to talk about it! Haha.
      Ha, sorry, just thinking out loud! I definitely appreciate and value your input 😀 and thanks for the comment! It’s nice to know my little movie blog is appreciated.

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