A bit of an introduction, I suppose…

The idea of starting a movie blog has been floating around my brain for quite some time, often met with ‘but there are so many movie blogs…why start one of my own?’ Eventually, after a little encouragement, the answer was ‘why not?’ I have done a few movie posts on my main blog but I tend to like to keep the films related to the decades pre-60s and usually post 1900 so I started to feel a little restricted. You can see those posts here, though.

A screenshot from the film Grease 2 of a large group of people gathered at a bowling alley, some giving a thumbs up.

One of my biggest loves in life is cinema; I just really love movies. I love movies that comfort me, that make me cry, make me laugh, make me cringe, challenge my views of the world, that make sense and are nonsensical, that entertain or confuse…like I said, I just really love movies.

A screenshot from the film Rocky Horror Picture Show showing five figures on a stage, one standing in a spotlight in front of the RKO Pictures logo.

I suppose I could be described as a genre hopper: I feel like I’ve watched bits and pieces from various genres & eras but tend not to immerse myself entirely in one particular genre or body of work. There are exceptions, though, and some of these are: film noir (canon & neo), musicals, ’50s sci-fi and films by/starring Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day, Humphrey Bogart, John Waters, Alfred Hitchcock…thinking about all the movies I want to watch but haven’t yet can get overwhelming and I have to accept it’s impossible to ever watch all the films I want to. Even though I hate to admit that, sometimes.

A screenshot from the film Mad Monster Party showing the red-haired claymation figure, Francesca, with a disgruntled look on her face.

Despite that, my film diet, thus far, has been heavily western and probably quite dominated by American cinema (Hollywood and otherwise) and I’m slowly trying to branch out from that and step outside of my comfort zones. As a ‘part time’ cinephile I’ve read bits and pieces of film theory and other articles but I haven’t read thoroughly… this is something I am also hoping to remedy.

I’ve called this blog ‘The Sofa Cinephile’ as I do a lot of my movie watching from my couch. I love going to the cinema but it’s not always practical or affordable for me. I intend to do regular posts such as top 5 lists, features on films I love (or hate!) as I watch them and feature posts on films I’ve watched previously and round up posts for each month. I want to think more critically about the films I watch (in various ways) but, whilst this is my aim, I can’t promise it will come through in every post I make. A lot of my ideas about this blog are a little vague at present but I’m hoping they will solidify as I start posting.

A screenshot from the film The Girl Can't Help It showing Betty Grable on a private cinema screen in a dark room the backs of two mens heads just visible.

Oh, and my name is Andrea. Hello! I’ll be doing a top 5 for my favourite movies later on, which is why I haven’t mentioned any of them, yet. Also, I hope to be posting somewhat regularly soon but for now I’m going to go watch one of the DVDs I picked up today…


5 thoughts on “A bit of an introduction, I suppose…

  1. Oh Yay Andi! Congrats on your new blog. I love movies too – who doesen’t enjoy an hour or so of total escapism? I am looking forward to your take on what’s out there in movieland.

  2. This sounds like such a fun project Andi, and I absolutely cannot wait to go on it with you! You are an incredible writer, and should have absolutely no fears of sharing your thoughts on film with us! <33

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